Boat of Life

Inspired from ancient Indian texts saying, each and every moment of life is destined and decided. Your life goes on like a boat according to your Karmas and nothing is in your hands. I have tried to interpret this painting. But from my point of view a painting should be felt more than what it […]

A Flight Within

The inspiration behind this painting is the idea of our thoughts and feelings already within us taking flight. It is not a physical flight. Sometimes our perspectives and emotions take us to a different world altogether.

Towards Unknown 2

“Towards Unknown” is inspired by the idea that no one really knows what is going to happen next in life. Life goes on and you really don’t know where, how and why….. 

Thought Waves 2

The painting “Thought Waves” is a portrait surrounded by thoughts. This is inspired by the idea that thoughts come and go in each and every moment of our lives and there seems to be no end to them. That is why it is said that thoughtlessness state of mind is a bliss.

Glimpse 06

This collection is a fusion of ideas and colours on large canvases that depict the beauty in randomness. Patterns that merge and de-merge together to form structures, shapes and forms that hold your attention. Bold colours, vivid strokes and arresting compositions. Simultaneously merging mayhem with conformity. Capturing the chaos just before the creation, to form […]

Synthesis 07

The final stage in the process of dialectical reasoning, in which a new idea resolve the conflict between thesis and antithesis via a creative solution. This is the very form that the artist captures in his paintings that seamlessly portray a harmony in the otherwise contrasting colours and strong strokes. The combination of varied components, […]

Synthesis 06

A tempest of a world and the inner peace within is brought alive with soft & delicate strokes creating an ethereal view that you can lose yourself in. The fragile world within, tied in with a few strong strokes that depict the tenuous hold on reality is just waiting to be set free. Each painting […]

Speak Sweet 27

Painterly rhythms and swirling forms within the arrangement of the figures have been created in order to convey elements of strength, intelligence, and melancholy. Through such intimate and personalized interpretations, the rejection of Impressionistic optical observation has been epitomized in favour of an emotionally laden representation that appeals to the heart, rather than the mind. […]

Speak Sweet 15

In Speak Sweet Collection, you are invited to observe the subject closely, to gaze into her eyes and study her face and form. In many ways, the painting embodies the essence of the Expressionist style; the subject visibly vibrates, contorts, shifts, pushes, and pulls, providing you with a vision of the inner torment of the […]

Creative Portrait 24

Cheerful. Reflective. Gloomy. Humorous. Melancholy. Idyllic. Whimsical. Romantic. Mysterious. Ominous. Calm. Lighthearted. Hopeful. Angry. Fearful. Tense. Lonely. The Moods of Humans. I used to observe different expressions and moods of the human face. It gave me the idea and inspiration to do the portraits with creativity, in search of something out of the ordinary. Most […]