Also known as Royal Tudor, est. 1828 – Staffordshire England

The birth of the famous English porcelain happened in the city of Stroke-on-Trent, commonly known as ëthe Potteriesí, the well-known home of the pottery industry in England since the 18th century. Thanks to its rich heritage, Tudor England porcelain has tied together all the skills, quality and expertise of a few generations of potters to create a high-class masterpiece from every piece of fine porcelain.

This pottery plate comes from the series 17th Century England and has a deep blue decor. The pattern is “Coaching Taverns”, where the central motif depicts every day life in the 17th Century. The pattern features: A Post Office, Stagecoach, People, Animals, Church Steeple, Trees, Clouds, Flowers and Tavern. This type of Blue & White Transfer-ware was developed & popularized in England, during the 1750’s, at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The edge is richly decorated with floral rim. It comes with a backstamp of Coaching Taverns; Royal Tudor Ware, est. 1828 – Staffordshire, England.