Thunderstorm over Narragansett Bay by Martin Johnson Heade

The I.AM (Individual Artist Management) program guides and supports Artists creating commercial value for their creations. Through ages, selling art has always been an intricate business and runs in a closed society of art lovers that require individual attention and a personal touch. Our services include the promotion of the paintings among Hotels, our Global Clients, associated Galleries and Museums in Europe.


We feature the Artists in the Art Magazine, PIUME. This magazine has a global distribution and is read by all the Galleries and Collectors in our network. This acts as a global platform for artists to reach out to Art Collectors and Buyers. Our network of worldwide Art Dealers and Galleries access this magazine like a catalogue of artists.

The artist features in PIUME bring out the best of every artist making it easy for them to reach out worldwide and expand their popularity among everyone who loves to buy or collect Art and Artifacts or support Art Philanthropy. We have a separate editorial team working to create this feature and there is a one time cost for the design and research needed for every artist feature.

The I.AM Program’s main features are very effective for any artist and their art promotion. It emphasizes on the fact that Galleries and Art Dealers worldwide are the most important agents for any art sale or exhibition. Important buyers and art collectors completely trust their own art curators from these organisations for any art acquisition. The entire art business has always been influenced completely by this trust.

Selling of Artworks

The PIUME is viewed by Galleries and Art Dealers worldwide. More detailed catalogues and information about the available art of an Artist(s) are sent when a gallery is keen to know more because the buyers are interested. That way no expenses are wasted in sending paintings or doing exhibitions when the probability of sale is unpredictable.

Any art sold by these Galleries have their price and commission negotiated in advance so that the artist is in full control of the sale. The artist can decide in advance if the terms and the sale price are acceptable. The art is then sent to the gallery initiating the sale to the interested buyer. We help in the complete process including arranging for the art despatch and its transit insurance. The ART Compass earns its profit from the art sale commission that is shared between the Gallery and The ART Compass.

Art Installations & Commission Work

The Individual Artist Management program also supports Artists who are involved with installations and art commission work. The PIUME features their work and previous creations. This makes it easy for the Galleries to promote their work to the organisations or individuals looking for similar artists. We negotiate the complete project including the payment process and other details to make sure that the artists have the best terms and zero worries while doing these projects.

With a local Gallery also involved the artists get a lot of help during commissioning activity. The artist get complete assistance to adjust in the new city which maybe a completely new environment for the artist and also guidance to organise local people to help them with the project.

Art Exhibitions & Auctions

With the local Galleries involved in this Program, exhibitions and auctions become very easy and cost effective for the artist(s). They would no longer need to handle the entire event on their own. We normally would recommend exhibitions or auctions to an artist only when there has been considerable amount of interest in their art. This ensures that the event is well managed and becomes a sell out. Common problems that every artist faces while participating in an art show is completely taken care by the partner gallery. The gallery is responsible for hosting the event making the whole activity not much of a challenge for the artist(s).

The Media coverage is also taken care by the local Galleries. This makes the event PR coverage done in a more planned manner ensuring better quality of crowd and eventually better prices during the art sale. The Gallery also guides for setting up the reserve price of the art-works as they are more aware of the local art trends and prices.

Workshops & Artist Collaboration

With the Individual Artist Management program, the PIUME Artist features and the Gallery outreach, the artist gets the best possible platform to reach out globally and create a far reaching awareness about their art and unique styles. Over centuries the art world have always seen a lot of collaborative work being created in workshops and artist collective activities.This project aims to catalyze that very easily and create new possibilities of having more collaborations between the artists in our network and better awareness on a worldwide scale about the individual workshops done by artists to showcase their style.

High Quality Canvas Prints

We create digital prints to promote the sale of prints on canvas to our vast Network of clients that comprise of Corporate Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels and Resorts. The artists managed by us can choose to have high quality copy prints of their painting done on canvas.

The profits of the sale goes to the Artist for every print sold. We take the artist’s permission before every sale so that there is complete transparency in the transactions. Every print is sent with the Artists personal signed letter of authenticity.

Prints sell easily due to much lower prices and Organizations like Hotels & Resorts buy in bulk. The artists can retain their original paintings and still earn from their art. This is also very good branding strategy as the art is visible to a bigger audience with the artist gaining more prominence.

Gallery Outreach Project

We feature the I.AM Program Artists through wall displays, exhibitions and Gallery outreach activities. The Gallery outreach features the collection of the Artists managed by us at our associated Galleries and Private Museums in Scandinavia and other European States. The PIUME Art Magazine features every artist making it easy for the Collectors to know more about their art. It provides a perfect and easy way for the Artists to reach out to the world’s best galleries without any effort and prohibitive expenses.