Creative Portrait 30

Cheerful. Reflective. Gloomy. Humorous. Melancholy. Idyllic. Whimsical. Romantic. Mysterious. Ominous. Calm. Lighthearted. Hopeful. Angry. Fearful. Tense. Lonely.

The Moods of Humans.

I used to observe different expressions and moods of the human face. It gave me the idea and inspiration to do the portraits with creativity, in search of something out of the ordinary. Most artists approach portraits with curves and rounded structures. Hence, I chose to experiment on my creative portraits with a cubic style. The next challenge I faced was to use black acrylic on textured paper, normally it is difficult to give depth and three-dimension in black and white. All the strokes, shades and lines were done with a dry brush to control the tones in black acrylic. Creative Portrait 30 and Creative Portrait 24 are a few such experiments of one of my series.