Collector’s Gallery by Cornelis de Baellieur

Art-Deco Canvas Prints

The Artist can now chose to sell canvas prints of their paintings. The print sizes available for framed paintings can be upto 160 cm x 240 cm. We also offer prints on very large canvas sizes that can cover the entire wall. These can be easily used to cover a wall in art- deco style. Most Hotels and Organisations buy these framed canvas prints for their walls. This is the economical yet aesthetic solution to their art buying programs.

Every print is sent with the signed letter of authenticity from the Artist. The profits of the sale goes directly to the artist and help in supporting their art and creative pursuits.

The original painting is scanned using hi resolution scanner and in some cases photographed to get the exact reproduction of the painting. Then it is printed on the best quality canvas. The surface of the print is specially treated to make it moisture and dust repellent. The print looks good as new for years with no fading or discoloration. The canvas is stretched on best quality pine wood base to ensure perfect setting. The framing is done on European quality fiber frame with wood grain giving the entire print a great look and finish.

Packaging & Delivery

We take extreme care while packing to protect the quality as well as ensure safety from moisture, dust and damage during transit. All our deliveries are insured to the full value of the purchase. So in the unlikely event, if a package is received in a damaged condition, there is nothing to worry. The photos of the damages have to be sent to ensure that we can file a proper insurance claim and assist in claiming a full refund.