Go Back To Artists She has a memorable style and surprisingly makes her own glazes, rare among even the most seasoned potters. Each piece is thoughtful, character-driven, and designed to fit in seamlessly with innovative decor.  For Rekha, the quality which appears fundamental in all her creations is life in one or more of its […]


Go Back To Artists It is a confluence of influences – from our modern world and nature to archaic and tribal art, that encourages Nivedita to lend her figures more structure and ultimately set her on the path towards Surrealism, in which she has deconstructed the conventions of perspective that has dominated painting since long. […]


Go Back To Artists Known as a strong-minded character, Mumbai-born Krupa Shah has found fame in advancing colour field techniques by cleverly slipping symbolic still life object like conch into her paintings. Not only did this technique exhibit her considerable artistic skills, it also gives spectators insight into her intellectual, rarified way of living, as […]


Go Back To Artists If any artist can give us aid and comfort, Komal Parmar can with her great splashes of bright colour on huge canvases. They are big and bold, abstract but not empty or clinical, free but orderly, lively but intensely relaxed and peaceful.She is influenced by Abstract Expressionist painting practices, but has […]


Go Back To Artists Aparna’s technique is similar to that of employing tiny juxtaposed dots of multi-coloured paint that allow the viewer’s eye to blend colours optically, rather than having the colours blended on the canvas or pre-blended as a material pigment. She has freed Pointillism from a pseudo-scientific aspiration to capture objectively the effects […]


Go Back To Artists Ravi is an innovative artist, steeped in both Dada and Surrealism, who mined his unconscious for imagery meant to provoke and sometimes mock social convention. He feels that the modern world is irrational; An idea that forms the basis for much of his work. He even created an alter ego called […]


Go Back To Artists Passion, above all else, rules this sculptor and architect, Neeraj Gupta. Inspired by the rich cultures of India and embracing his heritage, he creates sculptures that are strikingly simplistic. He transforms the conceptual and minimal approach to sculpture by adding lyricism and metaphor. He does not wish to present a prescriptive […]


Go Back To Artists Since the time Neeraj has begun painting his Horse series, it has proved to be the most recognizable part of his oeuvre. He happened upon the subject of the horse in his paintings, not with the greatest of intent, but instead through a process of intuition. He does not claim political […]


Go Back To Artists When a painter like Kashmiri Khosa approaches the canvas, he views this as a personal encounter, wherein the process of painting itself reveals the personality of the artist, and all the drama and emotion that comes with it. For him, painting is an existential exercise, a brutally honest form of self-expression. […]


Go Back To Artists Gopal Pardeshi is less concern with modernity in his works and more with surroundings and culture. Art to him is an anecdote of the spirit. His creations painted at different times throughout the day, has received critical acclaim from opinion-makers, buyers, and the public when exhibited at galleries. MORNING LIGHT Acrylic […]